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Allen Schroeder


Allen has more than 25 years of experience in the Natural Foods Industry. He has served in many roles that include clerk, buyer, and manager in produce, bulk foods, and supplements departments. Allen’s areas of expertise are in inventory control and "back of the house" resource diversion (recycling and food rescue). In addition to the grocery business, Allen has also worked as a carpenter, landscaper, and garden builder and taught organic gardening with the Sustainable Food Center.

In 2008 Allen started a food recovery program that collected grocery leftovers and redistributed the food to people in need. Through Allen’s dedication over the last 13 years, the food recovery program has evolved into Save the Food.

Understanding that policy change would make the biggest difference in food diversion,  Allen has served several terms on food recovery working for groups under the City of Austin’s Food Policy Board, beginning in 2008.  

Allen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in food resource recovery and redistribution and is committed to building Save the Food into a sustainable non-profit organization that serves those in need and reduces food waste. 

Chelsea Crawford


Chelsea currently handles volunteer coordination as well as community outreach programs. Chelsea manages multiple volunteer teams within the organization including a resource development team, social media impact team, and building the Board of Directors. She has been doing weekly food runs with Save the Food since 2017 and began working on the leadership team in January 2019 as the Communications Director.


Her formal education background is in editing, writing, and media, with 6 years of experience in several different advertising agencies. Chelsea’s areas of expertise include social media marketing, project management, crisis/problem-solving communication, and copywriting. Chelsea has also served as a senior field canvasser for the Texas Campaign for the Environment, which promotes legislation and corporate policy changes to better the quality of life for Texans.


Her efforts there helped to enact a moderate reform on the Texas Railroad Commission and helped convince the City of Austin to commit to the Curbside Composting program, meeting their Zero Waste goals. Chelsea is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and in her community through reducing food insecurity and reducing food waste.  

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